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Masking an Unfortunate Truth

Scott LaFee on

1 in 4: ratio of doctors who report harassment on social media platforms

Source: JAMA Internal Medicine

Stories for the Waiting Room

ICYMI: California law now requires doctors to submit an electronic form to public health officials when granting a medical exemption to a child to skip vaccines that are mandatory for school attendance.

It's a refinement of a 2020 law that allows state public health officials to review all medical exemptions at schools where fewer than 95% of students are vaccinated, when doctors who submit five or more exemptions in one year and when schools fail to share vaccination rates.

California only permits exemptions based on a medical assessment that a vaccine poses a health risk to the child. There are no personal or religious exemptions.


Doc Talk

Dactylion: the tip of the middle finger. Oddly, none of the ends of the other fingers have names.

Phobia of the Week

Amaxophobia: fear of riding in a car


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