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(Grand)father Knows Best

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A survey by the Children's Hospital National Poll on Children's Health finds that nearly half of parents describe arguments with one or more grandparent about their parenting, with 1 in 7 parents saying they limit time the child sees certain grandparents.

Most of the disputes involved discipline, meals and/or screen time on TV or computers. Other recurring issues were manners, safety and health, bedtime, treating some grandchildren differently than others and sharing photos or information on social media.

Among parents who reported disagreements, 40% said grandparents were too soft on the child, but 14% said they were too tough. Nearly half of parents said disagreements arose from both styles.

Solutions generally involved setting boundaries and finding common ground.

Body of Knowledge

Like fireflies and jellyfish, humans can be bioluminescent or glow, a byproduct of the metabolic process. The resulting light is imperceptible to the human eye (though Japanese researchers using a camera 1,000 times more sensitive say humans are brightest in later afternoons and specifically on the cheeks, forehead and neck).


Get Me That, Stat!

By and large, medical professionals think inappropriate prescribing of antibiotics is a contributor to superbug resistance. But in a survey from Pew and the American Medical Association, most doctors think the problem is not with them. Sixty percent of respondents said they believe they prescribe antibiotics more appropriately than peers.


45: percentage of teens who vape who say they want to quit


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