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Polydimethylsiloxane (or sometimes just dimethicone) is a silicon-based organic polymer that acts as an anti-foaming agent and is used in contact lenses; shampoos; caulking; Silly Putty; lubricants; and foods, primarily cooking oils.


"Armpits lead lives of quiet perspiration." -- Patrick Murray

Medical History

This week in 1987, Chet Fleming was granted a patent for a cabinet that would keep a severed head alive via physical and biochemical support. The idea was doctors would use the cabinet while searching for a body transplant. Chet was ahead of his time, so to speak. The cabinet never became a reality.

Med School

Q: Why is one nostril typically stuffier than the other?


A: Nostrils take turns receiving the majority of air you inhale. The one not working can get a little stuffy until it takes over.

Curtain Calls

A couple in Hamburg, Germany, got trapped in their homemade sauna when the door jammed. Sauna temperatures exceed 180 degrees Fahrenheit. The 60-year-old husband collapsed and died while trying to pry off the pine roofing. The 53-year-old wife managed to rip out wiring in the wall, which caused a short circuit and shut down the sauna, before passing out. She was rescued the next day by a neighbor.


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