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Palliative Care Helps Parkinson's Patients

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Their conclusion, published in Forensic Science International: Genetics in 2012, was yep: DNA lingers, just like a kiss.

Med School

Q: The human body, like everything short of, say, a black hole in space, is mostly empty space. If you were to compress a human body so that all of its actual matter were squeezed together, how big would it be cubewise?

a) 1/500th of a centimeter on each side

b) 1/250th of a centimeter

c) 1/50th of a centimeter

d) 1 centimeter


Note: A centimeter is about one-third of an inch.

Answer: 1/500th of a centimeter

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"You don't have the children with you. Stop for a quickie." -- Patricia Lyons Simon Newman Gelbin (1929-2013), speaking to her son NPR radio host Scott Simon on her death bed


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