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Worked to Death

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The suicide rate among working-age Americans (ages 16-64) is increasing; in 2017, nearly 38,000 persons died by suicide.

The demographics, however, are quite diverse. The Centers for Disease Control recently issued a new report that found among men, workers in the fishing and hunting trades had the highest suicide rates, followed by musicians and singers. Among women, artists were first, followed by laborers and others involved in freight.

By industry, those in mining, quarrying and oil and gas extraction were most likely to die by suicide, followed by those in construction and other services, such as auto repair.

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The places where your upper and lower eyelids meet (the outer and inner corners of the eye) are each called a canthus. Plural: canthi.



16: Average number of minutes physicians spend working on each patient's electronic health record per visit.

Source: Annals of Internal Medicine

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Dermatillomania: excessive picking at one's skin


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