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Telemedicine is consulting with a medical professional via computer or smartphone. With screens everywhere, it's quite doable. But is it used often? Among people over the age of 50, not so much, according to a University of Michigan poll.

Surveyors found that older patients aren't quite ready to virtually embrace their doctors and health care providers, with only 4% saying they'd had a video-based telehealth visit with a doctor. Their reactions were mixed.

More than half of those polled didn't know if their health care providers offered telemedicine services. More than 80% expressed at least one concern about seeing a doctor virtually rather than in person. And 47% balked at being able to manage the technology.

On the other hand, more than half said they would use telemedicine in certain situations, such as if they got sick while traveling or needed to follow up on previous care.

Body of Knowledge

Women have four times as many foot problems as men, primarily due the nature and comfort of their footwear. In a lifetime, the average person walks about 100,000 miles -- or maybe limps.


Get Me That, Stat!

Male pediatricians still make more than their female counterparts, according to new data published in the journal Pediatrics, earning roughly 76% what their male peers earn, or $51,000 less per year. Another study found that female pediatricians were reportedly more likely to carry the heavier household burden, with primary responsibility for chores such as cooking and cleaning.


50: The percentage that most-death states' death rates (Top Five: Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, Oklahoma and West Virginia) are higher than the fewest-death states' (Bottom Five: California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Minnesota and New York.


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