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Social Media and Girls

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A study of nearly 10,000 teens in the United Kingdom found that more than 25% of girls who used social media frequently throughout the day reported greater anxiety and lower rates of happiness than girls who were on social media sites on only a weekly basis, or even less frequently.

The researchers concluded that the effect could be linked to cyberbullying, as well as a lack of sleep and physical activity.

The study did not find a similar discernible effect in boys.

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Your lungs contain as much blood as the entire rest of your body, which is why your center of gravity is above your waist. Every time your heart beats, it sends an equal amount of blood to your lungs as it does everywhere else in your body.

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An analysis of 20 studies involving nearly 130,000 teens found that adolescents who use electronic cigarettes were 3.5 times more likely to also smoke marijuana than teens who did not use the vaping devices.


35: Percentage of U.S. children, ages 3-17, exposed to secondhand smoke

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


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