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6. Electric fish. The idea was to touch one and be shocked.

7. Mud foot baths. No clear reason why this would help, but it was probably relaxing.

Fit to Be Tried

There are thousands of exercises, and you've only got one body, but that doesn't mean you can't try them all.

Handstands aren't just for kids, though most people give up on doing them long before adulthood (assuming one can do them at all). They are extraordinarily useful for building upper body strength and balance. Start with two sets of back-to-wall handstands and two sets of the face-to-wall version three times per week. Once you can hold both of them for 30-plus seconds, you can start trying the kick-up-to-a-handstand version. When you can do handstands free-standing, you're officially totally awesome -- unless you want to try one-arm handstands or handstand pushups!

Med School


Diseases and ailments change names, even if their symptoms do not. Can you pick the one-time name for each of these conditions?

1. Syphilis: a) Venereal Valentine; b) Cupid's Disease; c) The Bumps of Eros

2. Dysentery: a) Bloody Flux; b) Dropsy; c) The Devil's Stool

3. Tuberculosis: a) Dysfunction; b) Scrumption; c) Consumption


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