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Why Lupus is Mostly a Woman's Disease

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Until the 1700s, the preserved dead of ancient Egypt were considered to be a kind of therapeutic. Specifically, by consuming powered mummy one could cure ailments from epilepsy to vertigo. The demand for medical mummy was so great that pyramid schemes and other cons were common, and warnings were issued to avoid "white mummies," who were actually more recently departed travelers to Africa who had been temporarily buried in the Sahara's desiccating sands.

Doc Talk

Circle of Willis: A collection of vessels in the brain that come together to supply blood to the brain and surrounding structures.

Phobia of the Week

Athazagoraphobia: Fear of being forgotten or ignored -- hey, are you paying attention?

Never Say Diet

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The Major League Eating record for sausage sandwiches is 13.25 in 12 minutes, held by Chip "Burger" Simpson, a professional speed eater who also holds records in consuming chicken wings and tamales, but strangely nothing involving a meat patty.

Best Medicine

Doctor: What seems to be the matter?

Patient: I have a sore throat. I ache. I'm feverish.


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