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Take a couple of aspirin before you read this. Generic is OK.

For years, compound pharmacies -- places where drugs can be mixed to meet specific patient needs -- have made a drug that helps prevent preterm births. The generic cost of the therapy averaged $206 per pregnancy, according to the health news service STAT.

Then the FDA granted KV Pharmaceuticals permission to create the drug under "orphan drug" status, which ensures that it will be produced and sold in prepackaged versions under FDA supervision. In return, KV Pharmaceuticals was granted a 7-year exclusive right to market the drug, called Makena.

And how much does KV charge per Makena treatment: $10,917.

Chemically speaking, both Makena and the compounded generic version are essentially the same. The FDA has allowed pharmacies to continue compounding the generic drug, so at least women still have a choice.

This Is Your Brain On Beer

Researchers have determined the part of your brain that tells you when you crave a beer.

Why, you ask? Why not? This is the kind of thing people can talk about over, well, a beer.

Researchers at Indiana University used neuroimaging to compare reactions of beer drinkers tasting their favorite brew versus Gatorade. PET and FMRI scans found that beer flavor induced activity in both frontal lobes and the right ventral striatum much more than the sports drink.

The frontal lobes are involved in executive cognitive functioning, such as making important choices.


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