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It also contains 70 milligrams of cholesterol (23 percent); 770 mg of sodium (32 percent); 148 grams of total carbohydrates (49 percent); 2 g or dietary fiber; 113 grams of sugar and 19 g of protein.

Stories for the Waiting Room

Ear infections are one of the banes of childhood, but there's good news: They've become less common since children began getting vaccines that protect against bacteria that often cause them. Researchers followed 615 kids over a decade to track how often they got ear infections following a pneumococcal conjugate vaccination, first licensed in 2000.

At age one, 23 percent had experienced at least one ear infection. That's a significant decrease compared to similar 1989 study. According to STAT, the researchers also reported that Streptococcus pneumoniae - a bacterium targeted by the vaccine and formerly a primary cause of ear infections -- is no longer the most common culprit.


1: Ranking of first aid among Boy Scout merit badges

Source: Boy Scouts of America. Incidentally, the least popular merit badge is bugling.

Doc Talk

Bolus: a large dose of a drug that is given (usually intravenously) at the beginning of treatment to raise blood-level concentrations to a therapeutic level. It can also refer to a rounded mass of food or pharmaceutical preparation ready to swallow, or to a mass passing through the gastrointestinal tract.

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