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Nutrition News: Mindful Eating

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No. 4: Pay attention to your food. What does it look like, smell like? What does it feel like in your mouth? How does it sound when you chew it? What flavors do you detect?

No. 5: Eat slowly. Take time to chew your food and savor the flavors. You may have to set down your fork between bites. It takes 20 minutes for your stomach to signal the brain it's full. Give yourself time to feel that.

I often have my patients time how long it takes them to eat a single Hershey's Kiss, practicing mindful eating and letting the chocolate melt in their mouths. Most find after letting it melt, their mouth is saturated with chocolate, and they don't want another one; they're satisfied.

That's the point of mindful eating -- taking time to really enjoy what you eat.


Q: Bone broth seems to be a popular food now. Does it help with weight loss?


A: Bone broth is made by simmering animal bones in water and a small amount of an acid, like vinegar. The acid helps dissolve the bone, releasing collagen and minerals into the water. Collagen, a protein, is a key component of connective tissue, so it has been suggested consuming collagen is good for skin and joints, but research does not back this. Bone broth has been marketed as helpful in weight loss because the protein helps with satiety. However, fiber is much more effective than protein in this regard, and bone broth has no fiber. In addition, bone broth isn't a high-protein food. A cup of bone broth with extra collagen has 15 grams of protein, far less than what you'd get from a 3-ounce serving of beef or chicken. Drinking a glass of water or eating a broth-based soup before meals will be just as effective as consuming bone broth before a meal. If you like the taste of bone broth, enjoy it. But know that it doesn't have any special weight-loss powers.


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