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Strong Bones

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Vitamin A: sweet potato, beef liver, spinach, carrots, cantaloupe, mangoes, fortified foods and eggs.

To help your bones, fill your plate with low-fat dairy, whole grains, fruits, vegetables and lean protein.

Q and A

Q: Does vitamin D help with immunity?

A: While it's not the only vitamin necessary for immune support, research shows that vitamin D can help the immune system resist bacteria and viruses. This fat-soluble vitamin assists with bone health and muscle function, too. While your body can make vitamin D from the sun, we often block that by putting on sunscreen, or we live in an area that doesn't offer a lot of sunshine. Egg yolks are a great source of vitamin D, whether hard-boiled or scrambled.



Coconut shrimp has always been a favorite of mine. Here's a recipe that gives that same great Caribbean flavor to chicken. This is a quick and easy recipe for a busy weeknight. Serve with roasted vegetables. The recipe is from Good Housekeeping magazine.


Servings: 4

3/4 cup sweetened shredded coconut


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