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Nutrition News: Whole Grains For Cancer Prevention

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On average, Americans eat one serving of whole grains per day, leaving plenty of room for improvement for most of us.

To know if a food is a whole grain, read the label.

--Look for 100 percent whole wheat in bread products, listed as the first ingredient. For others grains, look for ingredients such as brown rice, quinoa, sorghum and rolled oats, which are examples of 100 percent whole grain foods.

--Check the ingredient list to see if the first grain listed is a whole grain. For example, for bread, if whole wheat is listed first, it contains a significant amount of whole grain.

Here are some ways to increase whole grains in your diet:

--Choose quick-cooking grains If time is a concern, such as instant brown rice or whole wheat couscous. Add them to salads, stews, soups and stir-fries.

--Overnight oats, with choices of add-ins, can make a great breakfast. Or add oats to muffins or meatloaf.

--Add whole grain snacks, such as popcorn or crackers like Wheat Thins or Triscuits.

Q and A

Q: I've been drinking soy milk daily for years. Since it contains phytoestrogens, I wonder if it puts me at higher risk of developing breast cancer?


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