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Sleep Is a Dreamy State for People With a Brain

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4. If you wake up, don't panic. If your Inner Voice starts acting up -- "Oh no! I'm awake. I can't sleep. I've got so much to do tomorrow!" -- interrupt it with a kinder, more positive one.

Comfort yourself: "I'm fine. This is OK. My body is resting. It wants to sleep. I'll help." Then turn off the inner dialogue completely and return to your calming breaths.

5. Sleep in the darkness. Sleep experts always advise people make their bedrooms as dark as possible for optimal sleep. Of course! But too often, that means blackout shades or elaborate taping schemes around the windows. If that works for you, fine, but it never has for me. Besides, I love skylights.

Then I discovered the best sleep improver of my life. Keep reading.

6. Wear a sleep mask. I heard this on NPR one day, and for some reason I tried it that night, and I love it. A sleep mask. It shuts out the light and invites sleep in a delightful way. Beware of the cheapo, ill-fitting sleep mask. Shop around for one that feels good on your skin and adjusts easily to your face.

7. Tuck in with gratitude. Sweet dreams come more easily if you end your day with expressions of gratitude and feelings of love. To get there, think of two or three things that happened that day that you're grateful for. By my count, this is about a million times better for you than a sleeping pill.



"A well-spent day brings happy sleep." -- Leonardo da Vinci


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