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Bad News Brings Wicked Stress. 4 Ways to Let It Go

Marilynn Preston on

What do you do when you wake up to the world news and it's all horrific and overwhelms you with sadness and despair?

"We're in a global crisis on an enormous scale!" I heard George Stephanopoulos announce one morning, just as I was inhaling my first cup of French roast.

I'd woken up to the sweet, intoxicating call of a loon on a remote lake in the North Woods of Wisconsin. Now, I was plunged into war and death and destruction.

Flashing images of body parts in Ukraine, Israeli and Hamas soldiers killing each other, bleeding children on stretchers.

"There are an astonishing number of hot spots in the world!"

Then he started naming them. I could have switched channels. But how could I? The narrative was so compelling, the footage so numbing.


My summer morning turned cold and dark. I could feel my stress level curdling my bowl of organic full-fat yogurt.

A Malaysian commercial jet is shot down at 33,000 feet over the Ukraine, and the remains of 298 innocent people are scattered over a farmer's field.

Tens of thousands of children at our Texas border, disoriented and displaced, without their parents, are asking for our compassion and help.

There are ongoing deadly conflicts all over the planet -- in Russia, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Africa -- while most people in the world are praying to live peaceful lives.


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