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Take Heart: You're the Cupid You've Been Waiting For

Marilynn Preston on

Instead, this Valentine's Day, hold your hands over your heart and vow to consume healthy portions of real food, cleanly grown: more fruits and vegetables; more whole grains; less red meat; a lot less sugar... you know the drill.

Read labels! Out with the processed foods that bloat your belly and clog your innards; in with tasty meals using the freshest, most local ingredients you can find. Don't depend on supplements or smoothies to power up your heart. It thrives on real food, prepared with love and eaten slowly, with awareness and gratitude.

MAKE HUMAN CONTACT. Your heart is the emotional core of your body, and the more you open it to others -- as in listening, laughing and sharing your day -- the stronger it becomes. Walk with a friend. Donate your time to a community nonprofit. Call a family elder and take her out for the day.

And never forget the healing powers of seriously dark chocolate.


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"Let your heart become so saturated with love that you are able to ride the waves of change with equipoise and find new meaning in everything that happens." -- Gurumayi Chidvilasananda


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