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Just in Time! Your Ho-Ho-Holiday Spirit Action Plan

Marilynn Preston on

Here comes the December dilemma: Am I going to enjoy this holiday season or not? We all have obstacles to overcome: too little time; too little money; too much commercial merrymaking. And that's not to mention the nightly news!

And still, dear reader, we have a personal choice this December: Do I get into the holiday spirit and juice up my well-being... or not? We've got Hanukkah and Christmas and the winter solstice coming up, all leading to the end of the year, when we make resolutions to find true love, or lose 20 pounds, or make good on that promise to work smarter, not harder.

See? Even making end-of-year resolutions can be stressful when you're still in a perfectionist mode.

As your most personal trainer, I'm obliged to remind you that feeling

joy -- the purpose of celebration -- is an outrageously wonderful gift you can give yourself this December.

You can follow the lead of this Maxine greeting card:


"If I want to get into the holiday spirit, I'm gonna need a lot of holiday spirits."

Or you can let me suggest some options for snuggling up to the Holiday Spirit, a term of art for a nondenominational practice that boosts your well-being and that of your family and friends -- one that I will now spell out in limited detail:

"H" IS FOR: HAVE A PLAN. Move through December with a new awareness of its pleasures and pitfalls. The best way to do that is write it down. Start your journal today.

"O" IS FOR: OBSERVE. Observe your mood at set times during the day -- by chime, by app, by golly. This classic kind of "stop" exercise is very instructive. The mind easily reverts to the negative. This December, try observing your mind in order to shift your thoughts to positive, pleasing, powerful and kind.


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