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Autumn Is for Rebooting: As Seasons Change, So Can We

Marilynn Preston on

SET A GOAL. Give yourself the next three months -- November, December, January -- to reach a goal that is meaningful to you. Run a 10k. Wean yourself off processed foods. Learn basic Spanish.

Be realistic. Create a goal that is small, measurable, totally doable. That's the key to success. Decide on a detailed plan to realize your goal, write it down, and keep track of your progress -- daily -- in your journal.

Change is not linear. Expect backsliding. Don't judge, just do ... and when you notice the doing has stopped, begin again. Keep telling yourself that it's the journey that's important, even more than the destination.

REAP YOUR REWARD. This season, every time you decide to eat a meal at home instead of eating out, put $5 into a box. Then one chilly March day, count it up and spend it in spring on something that boosts your personal well-being. A better bike? Private lessons with your favorite yoga teacher? A visit to any one of our amazing national parks? Rewards work wonders when it comes to motivating change.

PREPARE AN INDOOR REFUGE. In spring, we clean; in fall, we find balance. Don't fight the urge to spend more time indoors in fall, if that's what your body is telling you. Instead, create a space in your home that is a true refuge, a place of calm where you can retreat, relax, renew.

Choose a corner, or dedicate a room. Incorporate soothing colors (pale blue for peace, pale green for balance) and use photos, quotes, stones, candles, this summer's beach treasures, to create an environment that is separate and apart from the stress of daily life. Go there every day, to sit, to breathe. If you did nothing more than establish a 10-minute meditation practice this autumn, you'll have changed your life in a profound and healing way.

TRY SOMETHING NEW. Before the autumn leaves disappear, sign up for something that will stimulate your synapses in the coming months. Bridge lessons? Ballroom dancing? Volunteering at the local food pantry?


Life-long learning is an essential part of personal well-being. It falls to you to make it happen.


"Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons." -- Jim Bishop


Marilynn Preston is the author of Energy Express, America's longest-running healthy lifestyle column. Her new book "All Is Well: The Art {and Science} of Personal Well-Being" is available now on Amazon and elsewhere. Visit Creators Publishing at to learn more. For more on personal well-being, visit

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