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Power-Ups! When Your Energy Stalls, Flip a Switch

Marilynn Preston on

I wish I could make you cut back on sugar, breathe away your stress or eat only grass-fed beef. But wishes are like dishes: You usually have to do them yourself. What I can do is introduce you to "power-ups": moment-by-moment strategies to spark joy and boost your well-being.


The Setup: A stressful workday has ended. You're exhausted. You'd planned to lift weights at the gym, but it takes all your strength just to stumble home and collapse on the couch. Where's your energy? Where's the remote? Where's the wine?

The Power-Up: Start the music. As soon as you get home, crank up Lady Gaga or a playlist of your favorite tunes and -- without thinking, without excuses -- start dancing around the house. You don't need a partner, shoes or even clothes.

The payoff is immediate: just five to 15 minutes of musical movin' and groovin' is a great way to get your heart pumping and your mojo jumping and to rapidly turn your body from lazy to crazy for more action.

The Follow-Up: Did you know that listening to music while you exercise can increase your stamina? It's true. One study found that cyclists could ride 25 percent longer when listening to music. The faster the beat, the quicker we tend to move, whether it be walking, running or riding the rowing machine.


Next time you feel your workout slowing to a crawl, crank up the music and watch what happens!


The Setup: Your big party is starting in 20 minutes. You've been working hard all day, cooking, cleaning, hiding things in closets. Now the company's coming and you feel like the wettest of dishrags. No time for a nap. No time for a walk. You've got to re-energize fast or risk being your own party pooper.

The Power-Up: Take matters into your own hands. Sit down at a table or desk. Put your elbows on the surface in front of you. Close your eyes, and cover them with the palms of your hands, pressing gently against the entire eye area.


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