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The Sky Is Falling: 6 Ways to Take the 'I' out of Anxiety

Health / Marilynn Preston /

Are you worried about how much you worry? Bravo.

Uncontrolled anxiety is a giant obstacle to personal happiness. No surprise. Worry causes stress, and stress saps our strength, disturbs our sleep, fries our brain and constantly undermines our best efforts to stay healthy, relaxed and optimistic.

And yet there's so much to worry about these ...Read more

Angry in America: Are You a Brett or a Christine?

Health / Marilynn Preston /

Anger is a negative emotion that crushes well-being and leads to depression, dysfunction and way too many Krispy Kremes. And, yet, we all lead complicated lives, and anger is unavoidable.

How do you deal with your anger?

That's the question for today, when so many Americans are furious about the unfolding drama surrounding the nominee for the ...Read more

Deepak Knows: The Future of Wellbeing Is Y-O-U

Health / Marilynn Preston /

Deepak Chopra -- author of over 85 books -- is the head, heart and brains of a well-being, well-meaning empire.

He's the founder of the Chopra Foundation -- "committed to creating a peaceful, just, sustainable, healthy and happier world" -- and co-founder of the Chopra Center for Wellbeing, one word, no hyphen, on purpose.

And yes, he's the ...Read more

Yes, You Can Buy Happiness! Spend Time, Not Money

Health / Marilynn Preston /

Americans are known around the world for eating too much, but when it comes to time, we are starving ourselves. It's called "time famine" -- an unpleasant, uncomfortable feeling that we have too much to do in too little time. Social scientists have been studying it for more than 20 years.

"I'm behind before I get up!" my mother-in-law used to ...Read more

Sign Up for Happiness 101! Rewire Your Brain so All Is Well

Health / Marilynn Preston /

Would you be surprised to learn that one of the most popular college courses in America teaches students how to be happy? Probably not.

Most adults discover that you can be crazy rich, drive the biggest Tesla, take a luxury vacation that costs $4,500 a night -- breakfast not included -- but if inside you're feeling miserable and depressed and ...Read more

Discovery! You Tip Your Balance to Find Your Balance

Health / Marilynn Preston /

I was out hiking with some pals, when the woman just ahead of me stepped onto uneven ground and stumbled. I happened to be looking at her feet when it happened. l gasped.

Her right ankle twisted deeply toward the ground and rebounded sharply. Ouch! It hurt just to watch. Lila screamed her favorite unprintable and managed to remain upright.

"...Read more

Surprise! Our Jobs Make Us Fat! 6 Ways to Wake Up at Work

Health / Marilynn Preston /

Why are Americans gaining so much weight? If we were beach balls, two- thirds of us would have exploded by now. Obesity is an epidemic, a national health problem of massive proportions and ever expanding waistlines.

But why? There have been very few (sorry, but I can't resist) large-scale studies. Obesity experts offer up many tantalizing ...Read more

Back to School, Everybody! Learning Lights up the Brain

Health / Marilynn Preston /

The run-up to Labor Day is always a bit of a letdown. I feel like summer is kaput, vacation is over and Instagrammed, and it's time to sharpen my pencils, buy new notebooks and head back to school.

Who uses pencils? Or notebooks? And what school? I haven't returned to the classroom since computers were the size of a Starbucks, but that's how ...Read more

Play Ball! How a Tiny Toilet Can Help You Focus ... and Flush

Health / Marilynn Preston /

Dr. Ken Ravizza, a sports psychologist with more than 40 years in the field, training baseball players to knock it out of the park, died this summer.

I'm guessing you've never heard of him. Neither had I before I read a touching tribute to him in The New York Times by Billy Witz, who calls Ravizza a "pioneer" and a "trailblazer" and one big ...Read more

Too Bored to Bother? Five Ways to Beat the Workout Blahs

Health / Marilynn Preston /

It's August, and my friend Bobby mentions he's bored with his running routine. (I'm a certified fitness trainer. People tell me these things.)

He's on the treadmill most every day, pounding it out, mile after mile, sparking no joy whatsoever. But it's still good for him, right? Not really. Exercise is the miracle drug we all know, but when your...Read more

In the Heat of Summer, How to Avoid Heat Illness -- or Else!

Health / Marilynn Preston /

Where is Ekkapol Chantawong when we really need him?

Say what?

Ekkapol Chantawong is the man who taught the young Thai boys trapped in the Tham Luang cave to meditate. It turns out he'd been a Buddhist monk for 10 years before he was the coach for the Wild Boars soccer team. Of course!

Coach Ekkapol knew that if he could get the lost boys to ...Read more

Sports Injury! How cupping and cold lasers helped me heal

Health / Marilynn Preston /

What's the No. 1 reason people get hurt playing sports?

1. Dehydration.

2. Overuse.

3. Russian interference with our elections.

Bingo if you answered No. 2: overuse. Overuse injuries happen when you're pushing your body too hard, too soon, before it has the strength and flexibility to do what you're asking.

Last week, I asked my body to go ...Read more


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