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School's In: Why Can't We Be as Mindful as the Brits?

Health / Marilynn Preston /

Brexit is creating a lot of bad press for Britain these days, but here's a recent headline about the U.K. worth celebrating with a warm Guinness:

"English Schools Will Give Meditation A Try."

Cheerio! The British government just announced that students in up to 370 English schools will get mindfulness training in their classrooms.

They'll ...Read more

'Cramps' Rhymes With 'Stamps'; Here's How to Lick 'Em

Health / Marilynn Preston /

Class is in session. Today's topic isn't the sexiest, but if you've ever had a muscle cramp during sex, you know how it can snap the brain to complete attention. Cramps happen at other times, too.

You're running across a tennis court when suddenly, someone is jabbing a fork into your calf. Or you're blissfully swimming along and for no reason, ...Read more

Celebrate Your Heart: Four Pulsating Ways to Add Zing to Every String

Health / Marilynn Preston /

With Valentine's Day on your mind -- candles at dinner, red silk undies, chocolate-covered anything -- now's a good time to think about your heart.

Thump, thump, thump. Don't be distracted by the obvious rhyme. Focus! When your heart gets sick, so do you. When it stops, you drop. There are many reasons to take care of your heart -- oh, the ...Read more

Get Smart! Put Your Heart and Legs Into Your Brain

Health / Marilynn Preston /

I hate to start off in such a negative way, but I'm positive it's essential to your well-being: If you don't make a special effort to take care of your brain, your brain may stop taking care of you.

Alzheimer's disease is on the rise and now considered the third-leading cause of death in America. One-third of all seniors will develop it, and it...Read more

When 2019 Shakes Your World, Start Where You Are

Health / Marilynn Preston /

We're past the 50-yard line of the first month of the new year. What have you got to show for it? Of course, I mean that in the nicest possible way.

Are you physically active at least three times a week as you promised yourself when your favorite jeans mysteriously shrunk two sizes between Thanksgiving and New Year's?

Are you working smarter ...Read more

Well-Being Is Sinking, But You Can Rise Above It

Health / Marilynn Preston /

There are January clearance sales going on all over town, including my own desk. Near the top of one precarious pile of papers is an eye-opening column by David Brooks, the famed political columnist for The New York Times.

"We're enjoying one of the best economies of our lifetime," it starts off, and then drills down into a subject I call my ...Read more

Mind Over Matter: How to Put the Happy in Happy New Year

Health / Marilynn Preston /

"Happy new year" landed with a thud in many households this year. I know that. You know that. And so does Dr. Tim Bono, who has focused his career on helping men and women -- especially young adults tethered to social media -- lead happier, more satisfying, less envious lives.

2019 will be what you make it. Even if you're way past the age of ...Read more

Anything Is Possible in 2019 (... You Talkin' to Me?)

Health / Marilynn Preston /

Pop the cork and hail the new year. 2019 is upon us, and just like those massively melting icebergs in the Antarctic, there's no turning back. Instead, there's only looking forward: to longer afternoons, to more sunlight, to the promise of the rest of your life.

So let's talk about New Year's resolutions.

Personally, I'm fascinated by behavior...Read more

My Gifts to You: End-of-Year Wishes to Spark Joy, Bring Change

Health / Marilynn Preston /

It's the holiday season. Still!

No one feels like doing work these last few weeks of December; that's for sure. The winter solstice helps shift us on a cellular level, and we realize the time between now and the dawn of 2019 is all about kicking back, spiking the eggnog and writing checks to charities you believe in.

So here are five ...Read more

Exercise Generosity: 7 Gifts That Feel Good to Give

Health / Marilynn Preston /

If you're still struggling with your holiday gift list, help is on the way. I've got a lot of swell ideas for you this year, none of them digital or a novelty watch with a dancing Rudolph.

--YOU FIRST. This year, follow the wisdom of the Shopping Bodhisattva and give yourself the gift of not overspending. Debt equals stress. If the gifts I'm ...Read more

Well-Being Withers When Impulse Buying Takes Control

Health / Marilynn Preston /

It's not unusual for people to ask me: What's the best piece of fitness gear I can buy?

My first answer is easy: buy the one you'll use. Buy the one that gets your bliss-making chemicals pumping and your heart thumping in a way that sparks joy and builds strength.

My second answer will surely irritate my Thrift Gene, inherited from my ...Read more

Under the Weather? How You Can Weather the Storm

Health / Marilynn Preston /

Sickness happens. It's part of life, the not-fun part. Even though you're a ferocious warrior for your own well-being, doing all you can do to exercise with joy, keep your immune system strong, get enough sleep, eat real food and help love, or at least like, your neighbor, still, health setbacks are unavoidable.

That's why I want to share this ...Read more

Avoid Holiday Weight Gain. But If Diets Don't Work, What Does?

Health / Marilynn Preston /

My tail feathers got all twisted when I read that the average American gains 27 pounds between Thanksgiving Day and New Year's Eve.

OK, I'm pulling your leg. The statistic's more like 4 to 7 pounds, but even that's depressing -- enough extra poundage to make your jeans feel like a blood-pressure cuff.

Take heart! It doesn't have to be that way...Read more


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