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Using both red yeast rice and a statin drug not recommended

By Keith Roach, M.D. on

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DR. ROACH WRITES: A recent column on tinnitus generated some interest among readers. Several readers wrote that tinnitus associated with hearing loss can be made better with hearing aids. I was asked about acupuncture and magnetic therapy, neither of which has strong evidence to support that it is better than placebo (more research is ongoing, with some promise). Another person noted that a family member's tinnitus went away after 100 pounds of weight loss: In that case, I suspect that the overweight person may have had elevated intracranial pressure (sometimes called "pseudotumor cerebri"), which is a rare cause of tinnitus. Finally, some people noted that having background noise can "mask" the tinnitus. As always, I appreciate the interest and helpful comments. You can reach me by email or on my Facebook page,



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