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I'm a 'COVID virgin.' Does that make me a sitting duck?

Stephanie Finucane, The Sacramento Bee on

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Now that most Americans have been infected with COVID — more than 70%, according to a recent estimate from the White House — the rest of us are the outliers.

There’s been lots of speculation about what makes us different.

Is it genetics, diet, exercise, good air quality or, as one South Korean doctor implied, are we just friendless losers who spend all of our time home alone? (He later retracted that.)

Researchers want to study us, especially if we’ve been in high-risk situations and still managed to stay COVID-free.

There’s been lots of news coverage about our shrinking pool — and not all of it is comforting; a recent piece in The Atlantic referred to us as potential “sitting ducks.”

Here are a few other takes on our situation, ripped from recent headlines:


“If You’ve Never Had COVID, Should You Relax or Worry?”

“Never Had Covid? You May Hold Key To Beating the Virus”

“Are you still a Covid virgin? In reality, you’re probably not.”

“Virgin,” by the way, is just one of our special names. “Novid” and “Covid dodger” are others.


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