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Should you get a vasectomy after Roe decision? Doctors explain how it works

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Can vasectomies be reversed?

Yes in some cases, but the success rate of reversals decreases over time.

If someone is having a vasectomy and is considering getting it reversed, it’s better to get it reversed sooner than later, according to Hettinger. He suggested getting the procedure reversed in the first few years, and said that later than that might make reversal less possible.

“If you’re waiting 10 to 15 years to get it reversed, your success rates drop pretty low,” Hettinger said.

Dr. Nangia from KU Med said that he makes sure that his patients know that the procedure is supposed to be permanent.

“We have to make patients aware that we view this technique as permanent. We’re doing this for them because they don’t want any more children,” Nangia said.


If a patient does change their mind about children after having the procedure, they can either try to have their vasectomy reversed, or they can have sperm retrieved from their testicles and use a process like in vitro fertilization (IVF) to conceive a child.

Do vasectomies hurt?

The doctors said vasectomies are typically not very painful. Most patients are awake for the procedure, as it only calls for a local anesthetic and has a pretty quick recovery period.

Nangia said he often prescribes Valium to his patients who might be anxious about the pain before the procedure.


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