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8 COVID precautions you can leave behind this holiday season

Ada Tseng, Los Angeles Times on

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Remember when we shamed people for going to the beach?

Not only do we now know that it's safer to be outside than inside, but we also understand that the virus doesn't spread through water. That includes swimming pools, hot tubs and water playgrounds.

If you get close enough for someone who is infected to breathe on you in a hot tub, that's one thing. But if you're swimming several feet away from anyone who has COVID-19, you're probably fine.

7. Saving good-quality masks for health care workers

Remember when we thought we needed to make masks out of socks, handkerchiefs or underwear so we could save the N95 masks for healthcare workers? (Kind of like how Jing-mei in "The Joy Luck Club" took the worst-quality crab because she had the best-quality heart?)

Health care workers now are fully supplied with masks, and, fingers crossed, it will continue to stay that way. So feel free to buy KN95s and other high-quality disposable face masks. The CDC also recommends masks with two or more layers of washable, breathable fabric that fit snugly on your face.


8. Long lines (or impossible hurdles) to get vaccine appointments

Remember when you used your BTS-concert-ticket-snagging skills to get your elderly family members and friends those coveted vaccine appointments? And then they had to wait an hour in line to get inoculated?

Now you can waltz into most pharmacies and clinics for COVID-19 vaccinations, even without an appointment. Everyone ages 5 and over is now eligible to get a shot. California is also recommending booster shots for everyone who wants them, to provide extra protection for people before holiday travel and get-togethers, and those appointments are easy to make as well.

If you and everyone else in your circle are vaccinated, worrying less just might become your new normal.

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