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8 COVID precautions you can leave behind this holiday season

Ada Tseng, Los Angeles Times on

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Our second holiday season under the shadow of COVID-19 is right around the corner. And though the pandemic isn't over and it's still important to take precautions, this year, many are vaccinated, so we're in a better starting place than we were last year.

Gone are the days when we knew nothing about the coronavirus — and therefore needed to be vigilant about everything.

We now know the primary way that people are infected is through exposure to respiratory fluids carrying infectious virus. This means:

— Inhaling air that contains the virus.

— The virus being exhaled onto your mucous membranes (a.k.a. someone coughing on you).

— Or touching small droplets or particles of the virus with your hands and then touching your nose, eyes or mouth.


What does that mean for the stuff we used to do that we might not have to do anymore? The stuff we used to be scared of that might not be as scary anymore?

It's time for a reset on our COVID-19 worry-meter — as well as a word of encouragement to keep up with the latest announcements from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, your local health officers and trusted medical professionals — so that worrying less can come more than once a year.

Eight things we can stop worrying about

1. Wiping down every surface at least once a day


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