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A day at a St. Louis County walk-in clinic shows why some vaccine holdouts are changing their minds

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"I have five kids, all in their late 30s," he said. "It's time to watch out for them. They are just beginning life. My life is set.

"I want to see my daughter walk down the aisle."

Last Wednesday, Williams got his second shot of the two-dose Pfizer vaccine. He got his first a few weeks before at a pop-up clinic at Busch Stadium, which he happened to see while working on a home nearby.

"Plus," he said excitedly, "I got a free baseball ticket."

To keep others safe

Tameka Anderson, 31, of Breckenridge Hills, was getting her second dose but admitted, "Even now, I'm still on the fence about it."


From coffee to eggs to red wine, what's been found to be healthy later turns out not to be, she said. While the vaccines are effective now, she worries that will change as new variants emerge.

"Science changes," Anderson said.

Before getting vaccinated, she looked up information on the websites of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Institutes of Health. She read studies in medical journals. She talked to her mentor at church. She talked to her dad.

She and her dad eventually decided to get vaccinated around the same time.


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