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6 smart snacking tips that’ll help you stave off ‘hanger’ (and preserve your sanity)

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As an example of grazing-worthy snacks, Lee recommends making a healthy version of trail mix by combining variations of nuts, dark chocolate chips and dried fruits. “Even cutting up a protein bar into smaller bite-size pieces to make it last longer works,” she says.

4. Fruits and vegetables are great snacks.

Use cucumber slices in place of potato chips to dip into your favorite things such as guacamole and hummus, or try celery and carrots with a couple of tablespoons of nut butter. Why not add a little fiber and good fats when you snack?

5. Schedule your snack time.

It may seem silly, but if you set a time to allow yourself to snack, you can save yourself from unintentionally overeating or snacking on junk. “Also, by scheduling, you won’t lose track of time and find yourself ravenously hungry, which can result in bad choices,” Lee explains.


6. Stock your pantry — and plan ahead.

Replace unhealthy options (cookies, chips, crackers, candies) with fresh fruits and veggies, protein bars and nuts so you won’t give in to your thoughts when it’s time to snack. Meal-prep your heart out: cook up a batch of hard-boiled eggs for yourself on Sunday so you can snack on them all week, slice and dice veggies, or make cheese and fruit snack packs ahead of time.

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