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Are you doing it wrong? Doctors explain how to properly wear a mask and why

Bryant-Jon Anteola, The Fresno Bee on

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Sure you're wearing that mask correctly?

It might not seem that complicated.

But you could be doing it wrong.

And perhaps worse, you might accidentally expose yourself further to the possibility of catching the coronavirus without the proper safety precautions.

Thankfully, "Mask Wearing 101" is not that difficult of a course to pass.

But it will require some attention to detail.


Fresno County interim health officer Dr. Rais Vohra and senior epidemiologist Dr. Stephanie Koch-Kumar, who investigates patterns and causes of disease and injury, provides some of the do's and don'ts to wearing a mask.

1. Wear a mask when out in public.

Though the Fresno County Department of Public Health didn't initially recommend residents wear masks when the coronavirus pandemic began in the United States, Koch-Kumar said that over time, more evidence showed that there was a higher community transmission of the coronavirus.

Which means people were catching COVID-19 and didn't know exactly how they got it.


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