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Time for students to return school instruments? Here's how to properly clean them

Brian Gosset, Fort Worth Star-Telegram on

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FORT WORTH, Texas -- It's that time of the year when students drop off items owned by their school.

Maybe a uniform or a musical instrument.

But as the coronavirus pandemic keeps schools closed, the return procedure calls for a different approach this year.

But what does one do when social distancing is required? How can students -- or their parents -- properly clean their musical instruments and get them returned to campus all while ensuring the safety of all involved?

Fortunately, students from the Texas Academy of Math and Sciences have developed a series of videos demonstrating how to properly clean musical instruments.

An interdisciplinary team that includes engineers, researchers, graduate students, musicians, instrument tech specialists and other experts from the University of North Texas and Health Science Center of Fort Worth came up with the idea to keep students and educators safe.


According to UNT and HSC, about a million children in Texas are involved in public school music programs, many of whom are instrumentalists. A large percentage play instruments rented from their school district.

"Many school districts are struggling with this issue right now," said in a press release from Sajid Surve, associate professor of family medicine at HSC and co-director of the Texas Center for Performing Arts Health. "It's a very interesting problem because there have not been any proper guidelines."

Students have started videotaping themselves at home, cleaning each instrument carefully. The procedure can range from simple to complex depending on the instrument.

The video will be delivered to Denton ISD in the coming weeks and there are hopes it expands nationwide.


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