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Some couples see coronavirus leading to baby boom — or more divorces

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Sarah Bradburn's coronavirus shopping list consists of two very important items: condoms and toilet paper.

"We are all emotional and clinging to our spouses," said Bradburn, who is a restaurant worker in Chicago. Her husband works on commission, so sales are drastically down.

"But when we're stressed, we just become closer," she said.

During the first few surreal days of the coronavirus scare, there were predictions far and wide of a huge number of corona babies that would be born in nine months. Maybe they'll be described as "coronials?"

In fact, Lori Sapio, a Chicago photographer, plans to post a CV19 newborn special in April similar to her Cubs newborn special that she announced after the team won the World Series.

"The boom is coming," Sapio said.


But is it really coming? Or will the social distancing and forced time together cause more divorces than babies?

In China -- where the coronavirus hit long before it arrived here -- the divorce rates rose, and couples formed a line outside a divorce registration office as soon as they were out of quarantine, according to the Global Times.

There's typically a boom in divorces and couples counseling during summer vacations and winter break, said Caroline Madden, a licensed marriage and family therapist, and author of "Fool Me Once: Should I Take Back My Cheating Husband?"

This happens because families are spending more uninterrupted time together, according to Madden, and one person wonders why her spouse is still texting his co-worker when they are supposed to be on a family vacation.


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