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Trump promises 'phenomenal' health plan. What might that mean?

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Even as the GOP is split on how to address health care concerns, so too are the Democrats.

"If they are reading the same polling data as I am, they would have serious proposals for lowering drug and hospital costs, but not offer a national health plan," Blendon said.

The Democrats' most progressive wing, led by Sens. Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, wants "Medicare for All," which would essentially eliminate private and job-based coverage. Recent polls have shown voters are not keen to lose private insurance.

The party's center, led by former Vice President Joe Biden, wants to keep the ACA but apply "fixes" to make insurance purchased by individuals more affordable.

"If the Democratic nominee is running on keeping the ACA, the Republican will have to have an alternative," Blendon said. But, if the nominee supports Medicare for All, he predicts simply a GOP "anti-campaign" targeting the Democrat's idea as unworkable, socialist or a danger to Medicare.


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