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Worried? Anxious? Losing sleep? It's hard not to be stressed in 2019

G. Wayne Miller, The Providence Journal, R.I. on

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Are you feeling stressed?

Do your days bring more OMGs than LOLs?

Do you lose sleep over finances, violence, politics or the country and planet's future?

If you have a kid(s), do the demands of parenting cause anxiety?

If you are a kid, do the pressures of adolescence prompt the same?

Small comfort, perhaps, but you are hardly alone: Local, national and even global surveys all show an increase in negative feelings and experiences over at least the last decade.



--The Rhode Island Department of Health's annual Behavioral Risk Factor survey in 2017, the latest year completed, found 14.6% of respondents in the state experiencing "frequent mental distress," up from 13.3% in 2011. That year, 22% of respondents reported experiencing depression, which rose to 23.1% in 2017.

--The Gallup 2018 Global Emotions Report, based on interviews with more than 154,000 people in more than 145 countries and released last September, showed a dramatic rise since 2006 of individuals experiencing anger, sadness, stress and worry. The United States ranked as the most worried nation, with more than half of adults saying they were stressed "a lot of the day."

The effects of stress are not limited to mental health.


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