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Healthful foods to get you over those post-holiday blues

Daniel Neman, St. Louis Post-Dispatch on

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And so the holiday hangover has begun.

All that turkey. All that ham. All those cookies. All those pies.

All those hors d'oeuvres that seem like they aren't going to add a lot to your waistline but actually do.

Now we face a new year, and our scales aren't very happy with a lot of us -- and vice versa. It's time to do something good for ourselves. Something healthful.

And yet, still something delicious.

Something like, for instance, a salad. And not a wimpy side salad, either. I'm talking about a real salad, one you can eat for dinner.


There is only one problem with meal salads -- a lot of them are kind of fattening. A Santa Fe salad (romaine lettuce, slices of chicken, shredded tortilla chips, creamy dressing) will run you 980 calories. A barbecue chicken chopped salad goes for 930.

And if you want to fry the chicken in your salad -- such as a honey-crisp chicken salad -- we're talking about 1,370 calories.

So to counter the post-holiday tight-belt blues, I decided to make a salad that would fill and nourish you, yet still be good for you. So I looked to shrimp and made a shrimp salad.

Not one with mayonnaise, though. That would sort of defeat the purpose of the whole exercise. The shrimp salad I made is actually more of a marinated shrimp dish, but I put it on lettuce, which makes it officially a salad. It doesn't take much time to prepare, especially if you buy the shrimp already peeled, which I didn't, but it has a particularly full and pleasing taste.


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