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Beware of 'Halloween hand' and other scary holiday-related injuries

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Always carve the pumpkins in a clean, dry, well-lighted area.

Look for softer, riper pumpkins that are easier to cut.

Make sure there is no moisture on the tools or on your hands.

Enlist kids to help scrape out the seeds, and let them use a marker to help create the design. But let only adults wield the knife.

Use pumpkin-decoration kits specially designed for carving.

Don't mix alcohol and pumpkin carving.

If you injure yourself while carving, immediately put pressure on the wound, and use gauze bandages to wrap the wound tight to control bleeding, Ilyas said.

With severe injuries, such as severed tendons, recovery can take three-plus months, he said.

Aside from "Halloween hand," said AAOS spokesman Kevin G. Shea, leg injuries are common due to falls caused by long costumes or costumes that impair vision.

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