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Opposition mounts to Senate GOP's 'skinny' Obamacare repeal

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WASHINGTON -- As Senate Republicans moved closer to unveiling a scaled-down, or "skinny," version of legislation to replace Obamacare, opposition to the proposal grew on Thursday, as health insurers joined patient and provider groups in criticizing the still-developing plan.

Four Republican senators have also said they would oppose the measure ...Read more

Americans dubious of GOP health care reform, poll finds

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WASHINGTON -- A new poll found a third of Americans think a GOP health care policy would marginally affect their health care. Just 15 percent think their coverage would improve. So why are Republicans so intent on dismantling the 2010 health care law before the August recess?

Nine out of every 10 respondents to a new Economist/YouGov poll ...Read more

GOP Obamacare overhaul stumbles toward Senate vote

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WASHINGTON -- With just hours to go until voting could begin on a new Republican bill to roll back the Affordable Care Act, GOP senators emerged from another strategy session Thursday afternoon with no agreement on what that plan should be.

Several Republican lawmakers sounded increasingly downbeat about the prospects for the so-called skinny ...Read more

Murkowski confirms Zinke call over health care vote, but says she's not worried

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WASHINGTON -- Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski confirmed Thursday that she received a call from Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, at the behest of the president, to pressure her about her vote on Senate health care legislation.

But she says she's not worried.

In an interview Thursday, Murkowski did not want to divulge the exact content of phone calls ...Read more

What the heck is a vote-a-rama?

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WASHINGTON -- Sleep well, wear comfortable shoes and bring lots of snacks. That's the advice floating around the north end of the U.S. Capitol as the Senate prepares to embark on one of its most unique, byzantine -- and useless, depending on whom you ask -- traditions.

The ritual of "vote-a-rama" (yes, that's an official term) is what stands ...Read more

Would a 'skinny repeal' of Obamacare trigger a death spiral?

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WASHINGTON -- As Senate Republicans struggle to unite behind legislation they can say repeal the Affordable Care Act, they are considering a more limited bill that would scrap only a few parts of the 2010 law, often called Obamacare.

This "skinny repeal" plan hasn't been fully studied by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office or any other ...Read more

Senate Republicans stumble again on Obamacare repeal effort

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WASHINGTON -- Senate Republicans trying to end the Affordable Care Act suffered their second procedural defeat in less than 24 hours Wednesday, underscoring how difficult it will be for the GOP to produce a bill despite their triumph in getting debate started on Tuesday.

The measure from Sen. Rand Paul would have, in two years, repealed the ...Read more

Senate Republicans reject straight repeal of Obamacare, leaving few options for overhaul

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WASHINGTON -- After already voting down one of their leaders' plans to replace the Affordable Care Act, Senate Republicans on Wednesday rejected another one, this time a proposal to simply repeal most of Obamacare.

That left GOP senators with few remaining options to fulfill their campaign promise to gut the 2010 law.

The amendment from Sen. ...Read more

Obamacare's history littered with near-death experiences

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Few laws have defied as many existential threats as the Affordable Care Act. In seven years, it has been to the brink of elimination nearly a dozen times, only to rally back from seemingly impossible odds. Efforts to kill it have come from Congress (including one in 2015 that made it all the way to President Barack Obama's desk before being ...Read more

Democrats zero in on Heller as Senate starts health care votes

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WASHINGTON -- Perhaps no senator has a bigger bull's-eye on his back after a "yay" vote Tuesday in favor of opening the debate on rolling back the 2010 health care law than Dean Heller of Nevada.

The first-term Republican, who is by most any measure the most vulnerable member of the GOP conference in 2018, faced an immediate barrage of ...Read more

As debate opens on Obamacare bill, Senate quickly rejects the first Republican amendment

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WASHINGTON--After Senate Republicans agreed to open debate Tuesday to overhaul the Affordable Care Act, they quickly shot down what was once their leading proposal for repealing and replacing Obamacare.

Republicans rejected their revised bill, the Better Care Reconciliation Act, despite having added a provision from Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, ...Read more

Sen. Dean Heller votes to debate Obamacare repeal bill, and Nevadans give him an earful

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LAS VEGAS -- Nevada Sen. Dean Heller, considered to be a vulnerable Republican in next year's midterm election, voted Tuesday to allow debate to go forward on a bill that would attempt to repeal and replace Obamacare.

On Twitter, this did not go unnoticed.

His statement attached to his tweet about why he chose to "vote to move forward and give...Read more

Now Republicans' Obamacare repeal effort gets real

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WASHINGTON -- A legislative free-for-all will ensue in the Senate following Tuesday's vote to begin 20 hours of debate on repealing the Affordable Care Act, as Republicans and Democrats try to re-shape legislation passed by the House.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell began the process Tuesday afternoon, offering the first amendment ...Read more

Conservatives know the Senate repeal effort has only just begun

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WASHINGTON -- Leaders of influential conservative organizations took a moment to cheer the Senate's vote to advance efforts to repeal Obamacare on Tuesday -- but there is sober recognition that Republicans remain sharply divided over the details of that process.

The motion to proceed to a floor debate on Obamacare repeal legislation passed ...Read more

With Pence breaking a tie, Senate votes to begin debate on Obamacare repeal bill

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WASHINGTON -- Republicans narrowly advanced their campaign to roll back the Affordable Care Act on Tuesday, as the Senate voted by a slim margin to begin debating legislation to repeal and potentially replace large sections of the 2010 law signed by President Barack Obama.

But the partisan 51-50 vote -- with Vice President Mike Pence breaking a...Read more

Price transparency in medicine faces stiff opposition — from hospitals and doctors

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COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Two years after it passed unanimously in Ohio's state Legislature, a law meant to inform patients what health care procedures will cost is in a state of suspended animation.

One of the most stringent in a group of similar state laws being proposed across the country, Ohio's Healthcare Price Transparency Law stipulated that ...Read more

Analysis: Moving past Obamacare may include embracing some of its conservative roots

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WASHINGTON -- Missteps, miscalculations and mistakes have almost defined efforts to repeal the 2010 health care law.

Some political theorists and economists -- including conservatives -- suggest that one of the biggest mistakes may be the reluctance by Republicans to acknowledge that significant parts of President Barack Obama's signature law ...Read more

Flurry of laws enacted on women's access to health care

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WASHINGTON -- As Washington moved to reduce federal funding for women's health this year, adversaries in the war over affordable birth control and other women's health services shifted the battleground to state capitals -- resulting in a spate of new laws that both expand and contract women's access to care.

It happened quickly in Iowa. In May,...Read more

Senate health care vote presents critical test for GOP and Trump

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WASHINGTON -- With a strong, last-minute push from President Donald Trump, Senate Republicans face a pivotal vote Tuesday in their long bid to repeal or replace Obamacare.

But the outcome remained in doubt, largely because senators have not even been told which of the various GOP plans will be considered.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell...Read more

Trump and his opponents launch last-ditch campaign on Obamacare repeal

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WASHINGTON -- On the eve of Tuesday's Senate vote to begin debate on replacing Obamacare, opponents and supporters played to the cameras in an 11th-hour attempt to swing public opinion their way.

At the White House on Monday afternoon, President Donald Trump was flanked by "victims of Obamacare," as he shared their personal stories of high ...Read more


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