C-Force: Bursting a Bubble of Pandemic Grief

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I have my own even more recent example of why we all should feel more optimistic about how we can live in a world with COVID-19 and even occasionally thrive in it. Just look at the NBA. The league survived nearly 100 days inside an Orlando, Florida, bubble.

It presented a worthy diversion that all sports fans desperately needed and an exciting playoff and a great championship series.

As the Los Angeles Times' Dan Woike writes, when the league and the National Basketball Players Association presented their plan, it seemed extreme. "It could fall apart if one player got sick and infected someone else, who then infected someone else," he writes. Like a house of cards, the whole plan could fall apart with the slightest breeze.

"The protocols that NBA players agreed to would greatly restrict their movements, force them to wear masks and, for months, separate them from family," writes Woike. "There would be daily testing. The details were impressive -- the proper recipe to sanitize basketballs, the bags attached to the referee's whistles to keep spit from dripping out, single-use decks of playing cards."

The success of these actions is embodied by the vision of "King" LeBron James after the final buzzer, puffing on a cigar, champagne soaking his clothes, an NBA champion yet again.

"We had zero positive tests," James proclaimed during the press conference that followed the game. The point continued to be made as "people left their rooms and turned in their tracking devices that beeped whenever you were within six feet of someone."


"The people who made the most of the experience embraced its uniqueness," says Woike. "There's little doubt that the people who went through the experience will be connected (to) a shared experience unlike any other in NBA history."

Now, that is something we all can learn from and that we all should toast.


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