The Best CBD To THC Ratio To Look For In Your Cannabis Products

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The high THC content is complemented by the little CBD content present. Hence a smooth and clarifying high is gotten. It is usually used by smokers with anxiety. High CBD, Zero THC Right now, it is impossible to find a cannabis strap with zero THC content at 1:0. Rather, the THC content will be in trace amounts— less than 1%.

These products cannot get a user high. They are oftentimes

used by people who need just CBD in their system. High THC, Zero CBD This is the ratio a lot of users prefer to procure.

Strains with this ratio induce the most potent high. And are used most times by recreational smokers.

Bottom line

The CBD:THC ratio is very important to note when purchasing a cannabis product. You have to know what ratio suits you best. And the only way to do this is to sample some strains.


You have to take extra care not to overindulge when sampling the potent strains. Although, I would suggest that you begin from the less powerful cannabis strains or products.

Finally, in an event that the product needed failed to include a ratio— You need to, first of all, look closely at the labels. Secondly, you could ask the storekeeper for more information.

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