These New Jersey Mayors Say ‘No Way’ To Off-Duty Cops Getting High — Here’s Why

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“No one knows what constitutes still under the influence,” said Pat Colligan, president of the New Jersey’s Policemen’s Benevolent Association, which has 33,000 members. “If I smoke a joint on a Saturday, I’m still going to have it in my system on Monday morning and for 30 days.” GOP Senators Deeply Concerned In the meantime, a group of Republican senators was eager to let Platkin know their concerns.

In their letter, the senators warned of several potential problems, conflicts, and liabilities that could arise as a result of Platkin’s memo reported Insider NJ.

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They stressed that “marijuana users are federally prohibited from purchasing or possessing firearms, an omission that may put officers unknowingly at risk of criminal prosecution, or that the legitimacy of DRE evidence is currently being questioned by the New Jersey Supreme Court.”

Senators further explained that the inevitable consequences of this policy for municipal and county governments include the potential loss of federal contracts or funding due to deferral prohibition of marijuana – viewing it as a Schedule I drug.


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