You Got Way Too High - How Can You Bring It Down A Notch?

By Terry Hacienda, The Fresh Toast on

Published in Cannabis Daily

If you find yourself with more THC than you bargained for, here’s what can you do to come back down to earth.

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The holidays are the best times to get stoned and indulge in the best strains of cannabis. Every cannabis user knows that getting high is an enjoyable activity; the downsides only appear when they overindulge or get too high.

If you happen to be a person that rarely stays at home during the holidays or weekends, you have the highest risk of inadvertently becoming the center of attraction after getting too stoned at an event. For those that rarely leave the house, it’s also the same thing. The consequences of overindulging in cannabis are never worth it, and the feelings that come after can ruin the fun of the high quickly.

After the holidays, it is not unusual for sober individuals to come back to pot for a hit. For instance, some parents choose to try out cannabis during these times after a long drought because the holidays are long and the kids are out with friends or taking a vacation with other extended families.

Many fail to realize that cannabis had become more potent than when they were actively in the habit of smoking or using it. Some sober individuals indulge in an edible or two at parties without knowing what to expect.


Are you having a party anytime soon, and you’ll be having edibles and some forms of cannabis on the menu? Or are you a stoner who intends to use the holidays to get as high as possible? Then,  you need some supplies to ensure your guests or you do not fall into the trap of getting too high. These supplies help consumers sober up quickly, but the success of each supply depends on the user’s tolerance, metabolism, and weight. The THC content of the cannabis consumed, as well as the amount of cannabis used, also matters.

First of all, you need to know that nothing can instantly sober you up when you’re far more stoned than you’re meant to be. By using these recommended supplies, you can only hope to come down from that high as quickly as possible.

It is also important to mention that these tricks do not work all the time. There is very little scientific evidence to support their use. However, there are a few strange studies and surveys that back up the claims that these tricks can help a stoned person sober up quickly.

Lemon, ibuprofen, CBD, snacks, fluids, and black pepper are some things to keep on hand in case you or your guests overindulge in cannabis during the holidays.


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