CBD 101: What To Expect When Consuming A CBD Dominant Strain

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CBD dominant strains aren’t as popular as THC, but there are plenty of perks associated with them. Here’s what you should know when consuming a CBD dominant strain.

We’re in the era of CBD. The cannabinoid has quickly become the second most popular cannabinoid, following THC, a compound that has hundreds of years of history. CBD is in tinctures, oils, clothes, and pillows. It can also be smoked and vaped, having different effects than THC strains.

Even if CBD isn’t known for its psychoactive effects, its presence in cannabis strains has been associated with pleasant and mellow highs, some of which are perfect for beginners or for people who don’t want to worry about having a cannabis infused panic attack. Thanks to it’s less intoxicating properties, CBD dominant strains are great for people who are looking for medicinal benefits of the plant or are planning on consuming it during the middle of the day, before doing an activity that requires some concentration.

Here’s what you should know about smoking CBD:

The cannabinoid’s effects

The effects of CBD strains are similar to those produced by consuming CBD oils and products, only it’s faster acting due to the way in which the compound is ingested. These strains tend to provide relief from pain, inflammation, anxiety, and even seizures. Unlike THC dominant strains, CBD strains are not associated with side effects, such as anxiety, dizziness, increased heart rate, and nervousness.

CBD can be consumed for reasons other than medicinal

CBD has been linked with alleviating depression, anxiety, insomnia, and more, making it into a great option for people who are looking for medicinal effects. Still, even if you’re someone who’s not looking for the medicinal effects of CBD, these types of strains can be a good fit if you’ve had negative experiences with THC or are looking to try something new.


Consumption method matters

As is the case with most forms of cannabis, the way in which the compound is consumed matters and affects your high. Smoked CBD acts faster than CBD consumed orally, for example. Some experts believe that smoked CBD might be more effective than CBD consumed orally, which takes some time to kick in and is difficult to notice if you’ve never experienced it before.

Lastly, how does it feel?

CBD produces a personal experience, one that’s difficult to describe, kind of like describing a THC high to someone who’s never experienced it. While you won’t feel high as if you’d smoked THC, CBD may help you feel relaxed and loose, perhaps energized or sleepy. It all depends on your body, your experience with the compound, and your method of consumption.

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