How To Know If You’ve Had Too Much Marijuana

By Maria Loreto, The Fresh Toast on

Published in Cannabis Daily


A study conducted on 121 subjects suggested that 50% of them had to deal with of anxious thoughts and a general feeling of paranoia after ingesting cannabis. Something that can be corroborated by seasoned marijuana users is that the more THC there is in your system, the likelier it is for you to get more paranoid.

Your heart rate is faster

Elevated heart rate is one of the most fastidious side effects of overusing cannabis. It’s something that’s particularly stressful for newcomers to the drug, making it important to take it easy when first trying out a cannabis method and to surround yourself with people you trust, so they can help you stay cool in the case of a bad high.

Your blood pressure feels off


If the insides of your ears start feeling a little warm and your face is feeling flushed, your blood pressure is likely off. This is a common side effect of overusing cannabis. While it passes relatively quickly, it’s very disconcerting. This occurs due to the fact that THC is a vasodilator, thus reducing your blood pressure. When this occurs suddenly, it’s called a green out, and it’s not great, which is why moderation is key.

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