5 Unconventional Ways To Use Cannabis

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Marijuana’s recent reevaluation has shown seasoned users and newcomers alike that there’s a variety of ways in which the drug can be used.

Marijuana is currently being legalized across the U.S., which has prompted business owners and consumer alike to do creative things with it. Now more than ever, there are hundreds of ways of reaping the benefits of the plant.  Here are 5 unconventional ways in which you can use cannabis.


THC suppositories are powerful ways of obtaining fast-acting relief for a variety of conditions. This method of cannabis consumption results in the body absorbing around 80% of the cannabis, a much higher amount than when you consume marijuana through smoke or vape. While you’ll certainly feel high, THC suppositories are ideal for treating GI conditions, endometriosis, and painful cramps. Can’t Afford $50 Marijuana Tampons? Here’s How To Make Your Own.

Sublingual Strips

Strips of THC that you place under your tongue can get you high within 5 or 15 minutes. These strips are a good option for those who prefer to ingest their cannabis orally and want to avoid the harms of smoking.


THC transdermal patches deliver strong results, especially when you place the patch in a veinous area of the body. These patches release THC directly into the bloodstream over a slow period of time, preventing negative side effects like a bad and paranoid high. Patches are discreet and allow you to get rid of the negative side effects of smoking and vaping. Here’s Why You Might Want To Try Some Transdermal Cannabis After Your Next Workout.


Ingestible oils

There are a wide range of cannabis oils, which are extracts from the plant, presenting the compound in its concentrated form. These include tinctures, which are dropped under the tongue and provide results within 30 minutes, and capsules, which are swallowed and provide effects within a couple of hours. They can contain CBD or THC, producing the therapeutic or psychoactive effects that these two elements are known for.


Cannabis-infused gum is another item that’s available for purchase on the market. The amount of THC varies depending on the brand, with some providing 10mg of weed per serving, an effect that’s manageable and pleasant. Cannabis-infused gums make great options for people who are looking for the medicinal and relaxing benefits of the drug or who want to try a different way of getting high.

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