A General Guide To Testing And Dosing Marijuana Edibles

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It’s important to always take it slow when you are consuming edibles because the moment you eat too much, you’re in for a trip.

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When it comes to consuming cannabis, it’s always a good idea to test your tolerance. However, if you are new to consuming, this might be a tad bit difficult to do. How do you know if you’re able to handle a full dose of an edible you bought at the store? How do you know how much cannabis to use in your butter before making your brownies?

If you’re struggling with these questions, you are in for a treat. Today, we’ll be walking you through the fundamentals of dosing, and how to properly test an edible you buy from a dispensary as well as what you should consider when you are infusing cannabis into your own edibles. If you are a seasoned cannabis user, some of this information might still be valuable for you.

However, if you are completely new to the world of cannabis, this information might be just what you need to avoid greening out. If you’re not familiar with greening out, it is essentially experiencing an “overdose” of cannabis. Unlike other drugs, overdosing on cannabis is relatively safe. However, the experience could be scary — especially if you’re consuming edibles.

This is because edibles process the THC differently than when you smoke it. Instead of delta-9-THC — the byproduct of smoking cannabis — you get 11-hydroxy-THC. It’s estimated that 11-hydroxy-THC is 10 times more potent than delta-9.


This is why it’s important to always take it slow when you are consuming edibles because the moment you overdose, you’re in for a trip. Fortunately, the odds of you dying is slim to none. In most cases, finding a quiet place, drinking some coffee and going to sleep will get you through the Green Out. Testing Your Dispensary Bought Edibles The inspiration for this article came from a post I saw online which dived into the basics of dosing for first timers. In essence, the post explains that if it’s your first time, it’s best to buy a 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD. THC will get you high, but CBD counteracts this high.

Conversely, having a 2:1 ratio of THC to CBD would mean that the THC would be expressed more. Think of CBD as the break that would limit how far the THC can take you. Remove some of that, and the THC will take you further down the rabbit hole.

Next, let’s say you buy a packet marked with 50 mg of THC with 10 gummies in it. This means that each gummy is 5 mg. According to the post, here you’ll want to take one gummy and divide it further down into 4 pieces leaving you with 1.25 mg of THC per bit.

The post then suggests taking one portion of the gummy and to wait for 24 hours. Subsequently, you would increase the dose until you reach a pleasant high.


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