Feeling Hungover? Here’s How Cannabis Can Help

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There’s not a lot of research on the matter, but plenty of anecdotal evidence links cannabis with hangover relief. Here’s how you can use the plant to your advantage.

Hangovers are annoying and difficult to treat. While some people may be able to cope with them with some water and Advil, others are forced to spend the day in bed, trying to sleep the alcohol off. Can weed help?

There’s not a lot of scientific evidence out there on this subject, but plenty of weed smokers believe that a joint can make the whole experience better. Symptoms like an upset stomach or a headache, common for hangovers, can be controlled with a bit of THC, even simply because it’s distracting.

While there’s a lot of questions regarding cannabis and hangovers, with little scientific study on both matters, the anecdotal evidence that we have suggests why some people choose to ingest weed when feeling this discomfort. Cannabis is known for its anti-anxiolytic effects, something that’s very common in hangovers. There’s also marijuana’s effect on nausea and pain relief, which could be key for treating body aches and headaches.

Here are some basics that can help you temper a hangover with some weed:

Turn to edibles

If you’re feeling bad and don’t want to add smoke into the equation, a low THC edible might do the trick. Ingesting something like 10 mg of cannabis won’t get you high, but it might help you address your headache, anxiety, and nausea


Cannabis topicals

For painful joints or bruises that occurred on the night before, when you were stumbling into things and too drunk to notice, can be addressed with cannabis balms and lotions. This could also be rubbed on your neck and shoulders, helping you dissipate that tension.

Don’t rely on cannabis

Just because you have a new way of treating your hangover doesn’t mean that you should forget about the basics. Outside of avoiding alcohol or limiting your intake altogether, a more realistic approach is to drink lots of water and eat a full meal before you imbibe. But remember: eventually your body will metabolize the alcohol (usually no longer than 24 hours), and you’ll be just fine.

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