Exercise Pumps ‘Cannabis-Like’ Molecules In Our Bodies, Finds New Study

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In addition to the runner's high, researchers found that moderate-intensity paced exercise produced numerous benefits that aid sleep, mood and concentration ability. The Study Details 

The research examined 78 participants older than 45 who had painful knee osteoarthritis. Thirty-eight volunteers were assigned specific strength exercises to do every day for six weeks, while the other 40 did nothing. Participants were compared to a group of healthy adults without osteoarthritis.

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The collected blood and stool samples showed that the participants who worked out had experienced pain relief and had more specific bacteria in their gut that in turn induced anti-inflammatory substances. They also had higher levels of endocannabinoids, which are accountable for a third of the anti-inflammatory effects found in the gut, according to the researchers.

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The individuals who did not exercise did not experience these positive changes in their bodies.


In addition to the runner's high, moderate-intensity paced exercise produces numerous benefits that aid sleep, mood and concentration ability.

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