Does Weed Go Bad? Here’s How To Identify Old Marijuana

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In the case of edibles, the best thing to do is to keep them in their own packaging. Keep them in a cool and dark place, like you would keep most food items anyway.Concentrates should be kept in small containers that are often specifically designed for them. These are mostly made of glass or silicone. You should keep these in a cool and dark place as well.For vape pens, the same rules apply: keep the airtight cartridges in a cool and dark place. Myths About Old Weed and Marijuana Storage

In an attempt to extend the shelf life of weed, many people try many things. While some of these might actually work, others are myths that shouldn’t be believed: It is not wise to store cannabis in a cigar humidor. These products usually have a lining of cedar, which has oils that can damage cannabis. If you want to use a humidor, there are ones specifically designed for storing marijuana, and only those should be used.Some people think that adding an orange peel in a bag of weed will help maintain the moisture content and keep the cannabis from getting dry. This does not really work. On the contrary, it increases your buds’ risk of developing mold due to the increased moisture. The orange peel can also change the aroma or taste of your marijuana.It is also unwise to keep your cannabis in a freezer. The freezer is likely to make the trichomes on your buds brittle, and they can snap off when you handle the buds later. Also, the freezer can increase the chance for mold to appear because of the moisture inside. Does Weed Get Old?

The topic is a really important one, so we suggest you read the opinions of these industry experts:

Robert Miller, Purefectionery Flower changes as it ages. A lot of people say they feel like the more cannabis ages, the more CBD-like quality it takes on. My thing with older weed is, if you take care of it.

Dee Dee Taylor, 502 Hemp Not really. It may lose some of its cannabinoid content, but not necessarily get old.

Dr. Joseph Rosado, MD If not stored properly, it can get old. But that old weed will have a high level of CBN because if you leave cannabis laying out with oxygen over seven to ten days, the THC can convert into CBN which is excellent in helping people with their sleep and/or insomnia.

Jack Robson, High Desert Pure Yes. It’s a plant. Like any plant, it will decompose if you leave it long enough.


Lawrence Perrigo, Saints Joints Yes, it does get old. It will degrade and stop smelling good. I guess you’ll just have to smoke your weed fast!

Matthew Frigone, Lazy Bee Gardens Yes. Proper storage and cure can prolong but oxidation will still occur. Not all strains hold cure as well as others either. I have some that look like crap after only a few months in cure, and others that look just harvested like 9 months deep.

Scarlet Palmer, Sensi Seeds Yes indeed! It goes through various chemical changes as the cannabinoids naturally decarboxylate and change. Eventually it will stop having any psychoactive effect, but will be very soporific.

Terry Sardinas, Bird Valley Organics Yes, but if you add a spinach leaf to your jar of dry Cannabis, you can help give it a refresh.

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