7 Things You Can Do To Prevent The Munchies

By Maria Loreto, The Fresh Toast on

Published in Cannabis Daily

The munchies are often challenging to manage. Here are some tips that can help you get a grasp on them.

The munchies are perhaps the most ubiquitous side effect of smoking weed. While many variables go into the munchies (setting, place, mood), snacking afterward a smoke sesh is often  unavoidable, and one of the main reasons why getting high is so enjoyable. (There is a reason food tastes better when you’re high.) Still, the urge can be problematic, especially if you smoke weed regularly or you find yourself sitting next to some misplaced Doritos. Is it possible to beat the munchies?

While you can never know for sure, there are a myriad of tricks that can allow you to have more control over your munchie urges. Here are 7 of them.

Smoke before meals

One trick that might work is to smoke before a meal, aligning your natural hunger with your munchies. Smoking while you’re cooking or right before eating out will help you be more in tune with your hunger and will make your experience more enjoyable. One potential side effect would be to eat a lot of food simply because you’re in a weed-induced haze, so it’s important to manage how much you smoke.

Eat before you smoke


Conversely, depending on the person, the opposite might also be true. If you’re full before you smoke, you might be able to approach the munchies with a more rational point of view, at times even preventing them from appearing. Again, there’s plenty of room here to backfire, resulting in you eating before you smoke and then eating because of the munchies, so, watch your dosage.

Go cold turkey

Some people believe a cold turkey approach is the best solution. By not allowing yourself to indulge, your mind will move on to the next best thing within minutes. It’s in the nature of the high experience.

Drink water


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