We Don’t Talk Enough About Cannabis And Its Effect On Senior Sex

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When applied to seniors, the plant’s effects can treat a variety of symptoms that affect them, including libido.

Cannabis and its effect on sex is a topic that is often discussed. But cannabis and its effect on the sex lives of seniors doesn’t get nearly as much coverage, but it should.

The range of which cannabis can affect someone’s sex life is wide, from simply helping people feel more turned on, to opening the mind to deeper intimacy and promoting mindfulness. When applied to seniors, cannabis can provide an even larger influence, offering relaxation and increased libido, while also treating symptoms that naturally appear as people grow older and their bodies start to change.

Forbes spoke with Ashley Manta, a coach that specializes in the “cannasexual.” She said, “Cannabis is so useful for seniors because it addresses the common things that get in the way of intimacy. For folks whose bodies are aging, one of the more common things is pain. Whether from arthritis, stiffness or an injury, pain can be very distracting when it comes to pleasure.”

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She specifically calls out the benefits of topicals, which provide a localized effect and can prevent distracting head highs for those who aren’t used to them. “You can apply them directly to the places that hurt — elbows, knees or hips — and that can take a lot of the edge off,” she said.


Aside from body aches and pains, cannabis also has a variety of lubricants and intimacy oils that can help boost sex, especially post-menopausal women who sometimes experience decreased libidos. These oils can heighten arousal and provide different opportunities for bonding, whether that means an intimate massage or simply something new that couples can try out together.

Cannabis and its use on seniors is a topic worth pursuing and initiating. Studies show that cannabis use among seniors steadily increases year after year, with a majority of people growing more educated on the subject and learning to use the plant to their advantage. Cannabis’s influence can be beneficial for a variety of aspects in seniors’ lives, like treating chronic conditions or providing some escape from stress. Sex is the least discussed of these issues, but it’s just as important.

As more companies continue to get involved with cannabis, there will likely be more products designed to reach a variety of people, including older demographics who want to have sex because it’s fun and healthy, and it makes them happy.

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