Czech Government Triples THC Hemp Limit To 1% — Will Rest Of World Follow?

By Terry Hacienda, The Fresh Toast on

Published in Cannabis Daily

There are still many European countries that will need to follow suit, but every time one country takes the bold step, it means several other countries will do the same.

Europe is beginning to take its cannabis industry seriously, and it is such a rewarding time to experience this movement. We are used to hearing cannabis news from countries like Germany, Spain but not the Czech Republic. So this information is quite informative as it shows the speed at which the marijuana sector is thriving.

This move is expected to increase calls for more marijuana reforms for all European countries. Czech President Milos Zeman signed a law in September that permits industrial hemp cultivated in the country to contain THC up to 1.0%. This prescribed level exceeds the present limit set by the European Parliament.

The prior guidelines set by the Parliament are way lesser than what is proposed (0.2% – 0.3%). Even though the changes will not happen until 2023, this move has ignited hope in millions of people that cannabis is making headway in Europe and the Czech Republic.

The changes also represent an exciting time for the global cannabis market because, with such regulations, more countries, cities, and communities will look to implementing such laws. If you are reading this, you love cannabis. If you have ever had challenges with getting marijuana, you will know it is because of severe legalization issues.

When you hear such good news, it provides an insight into what you can expect from other countries in the future. Other additions to the new provisions in the Czech Republic will improve the conversations we have regarding cannabinoid drugs. Private groups will also be permitted to produce medical marijuana products.


This move will affect the Czech Republic. It will also affect countries in the EU searching for lower-priced marijuana products beginning with, but not limited to, extracts.

With this move, the Czech Republic will be well-positioned as a significant competitor in North Macedonia regarding pricing, and its reach extending to Portugal. It will also create an alternative revenue-generating stream for the economy and increased labor in the market.

Denmark used to be the leading market point, but it will no longer be the same with the Czech Republic disrupting the market. For other countries like Poland, this move may lead to a boon in the way patients can now get access to medical marijuana, which they couldn’t afford under strict laws.

Italy will also get into the conversation as the country is already holding talks about decriminalizing marijuana and other plants like psilocybin. Growing marijuana at home is currently permissible in Italy, and that is yet another significant stride in Europe. What Is Legal in the Czech Republic? The cultivation of medical marijuana has been legal in the Czech Republic since 2013. However, only a few growers that grow on a large scale have been licensed. The Czechs are permitted to grow only as much as five plants at a time at home, and it is still occasionally decriminalized even though you can be punished and fined for possessing it.


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